( GB ) 4 police officers injured in London Bridge terror attack ( up-to-date )


Four police officers were injured in Saturday’s terror attack in central London, ITV News has been told.

Ken Marsh, the Chairman of the Police Federation for the Metropolitan Police, said one officer, who was not on duty at the time, was stabbed and is in a serious but non-life threatening condition in hospital.

Two other Met Police officers are walking wounded.

A fourth officer, from the British Transport Police, is also in hospital with stab wounds.

Mr Marsh declined to say which hospitals the injured officers are being treated in.


Last updated Wed 7 Jun 2017



The United Kingdom raises its level of anti-terrorist alert for fear of imminent attack.[1]


While the West still had not assimilated the emotional shock of the terrorist attack in the Manchester pop music concert, another Islamist terrorist attack appeared in London. Some brief information pointed out that, the policeman who neutralized the three Islamic terrorists was to be suspended and investigated, temporarily, by internal police affairs.


Of course, these situations are due to the fact that we are looking to avoid a disproportion in the use of weapons against and counter- terrorists, but some police officers have not conveniently considered the information they indicate to their operative staff, namely: Maximum Alert Level.


In Spain, however, the level of alert was not elevated since the famous attacks of the ¨ Sala Bataclan ¨, in Paris, but it was indicated to the police of Spain, who had free way to abate the Islamic terrorists; As long as this level of anti-terrorist alert is maintained. It is not possible to consider the principle of proportionality (to refer to the use of the weapons detected by the attacker and the police) that in force is below social alarm situations or higher alert for citizens. To set an example.


In Italy, something similar happened, with a suspect in search and capture, a few months ago, and a policeman, in a security checkpoint, downed the suspect who was the Islamic terrorist fugitive. That is why the Italian police granted him an honorable mention. Similar cases in France and other European nations.




[1] Info H. Level Alert 23 may, 2017 :

( United Kingdom raises its level of anti-terrorist alert for fear of imminent attack )



Spain´s allowed taser and other´s one case :








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